It’s a great day to be great baby!

Superbowl XLV went to the Packers and I love the quote from Greg Jennings at the end of the game: “It’s a great day to be great baby!” That should be everyone’s mantra for the day, every day.

We watched the last quarter of the game at home, but the first three quarters-including the half-time show at a little Superbowl party. We had a lot of fun munchin on snacks. I made this buffalo chicken dip. (Recipe from Jessica.)

All of the pictures I took are before the cheese was baked and melted and gooey and delicious.

I brought celery and tortilla chips for dipping. The dip got rave reviews. Country Boy thinks I should make it for dinner sometime. That’s a good idea, minus the fact that it’s loaded with cream cheese, ranch dressing, Frank’s Red Hot sauce, and tons of cheese. Great lean source of protein with the chicken though, so I’ll consider.

Before I call it a night, I need to present a little item for debate.

Remember this meal from last week? I made it Monday.

Well, I caught my husband eating a plate of it this afternoon. Six days ago I made it and he is still eating the leftovers. (That totally should have been thrown away, in my opinion.) I’m glad he likes it, but to me, that’s just gross.

If there are still leftovers of something I’ve cooked, I throw it away after a few days. He seems to think it’s good till it’s gone, as long as it’s covered in the refrigerator.

Who’s right? What are your leftover standards? Are mine too high? Or is he practicing bad leftover hygiene?

6 thoughts on “It’s a great day to be great baby!

  1. I have always heard, “when in doubt throw out”! but Eric had no doubt apparently, I had goulash that was 6 days old and so far so good ! so if you find out let me know.

  2. I may not have eaten it, but I know PJ would have. Guys dont care about that stuff! If it still looks good and smells ok they will eat it!! Lol

  3. Jerry will eat anything no matter how old, too. So I usually throw things out no more than 6 or 7 days after it’s made. (I don’t like leftovers, but he sees them as “free” food.)

  4. we never ate anything 3 days after chicken dumps chili 2 days tops make poor cb some fresh food has he ever had chicken n dumplins bisquick style

  5. Eric will eat anything, and I think he’s in “food heaven” now that he has a woman to cook for him. By the way, Eric, if you are going to have your image posted on the internet, you need to wear better clothing!

  6. I’m with Sue!!! When in doubt….throw it out!!!! If Eric and the left overs do NOT “agree”….NO NEED TO POST THOSE PICS.!!!!!!🙂

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